Custom Manufactured Components for Switchgear Installations and Circuit Breakers


Custom Manufacturing:




Manufacturing, Engineering and Testing Facilities


The combination of our well-equipped assembly facility and experienced fabricators, allows G.M.G. Engineering Ltd. to efficiently complete our customer’s orders. Our fabricating team is made up of reliable, experienced, long-term employees who consistently put out top quality products.


The 12,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility houses many specialized machines and processes, including various machinery capable of producing parts to very fine tolerances. G.M.G. Engineering Ltd. also has complete welding facilities, epoxy moulding equipment and bus bar fabrication facilities.


Before any piece of equipment leaves our facility, it is subjected to many tests to ensure the product meets quality standards and performance specifications. These tests may include Heat Run, Hi-Pot, Corona discharge, Impulse (B.I.L.) and all other testing required by CSA and ANSI standards.