Services Provided


G.M.G offers a complete range of manufacturing and retrofitting services including:


         Manufacturing metal-clad, metal-enclosed, arc-resistant medium voltage switchgear and circuit breakers (new or retrofit to existing switchgear)

         Manufacturing indoor or outdoor load interrupter switchgear, or complete unit pad mounted substations 

         Conversions of existing switchgear line-ups to arc-resistant type 

         Construction of protection and control relay panels and low voltage switchboards 

         Manufacturing non-segregated phase bus duct and isolated phase bus duct (I.P.B.) 

         Retrofitting medium voltage circuit breakers from oil or air-magnetic type to vacuum or SF6 interrupting technology 

         Custom manufacturing of spare parts and components for switchgear and circuit breakers. These include epoxy bushings, stand-off insulators, power resistors, plastisol boots for bus bar joints, main and arcing contacts, interrupting chambers, arc chutes, flexible conductors, etc.